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e-commerce system

TradeWinds Creates E-Commerce Sites

New E-Commerce Features:

  • UPS and FEDEX automated rate look up
  • Downloadable reports
  • More gateways
  • Gift cards
  • Ship to multiple addresses
  • Requested ship or deliver date
  • Coupons, gift certificate and discount processing
  • Gift card processing
  • Gift notes
  • International currencies
TradeWinds is an integrated e-commerce platform with built-in transaction software. Catalog pages, shopping cart, and check out pages include requisite functionality, so you can concentrate on product display. TradeWinds utilizes both SiteMaster and EasyEdit to create robust sites and keep the site, products and prices current.

TradeWinds Can Do It All

Provides formatted catolog pages
Generates shopping cart and check out pages
Calculates tax and shipping charges
Summarizes order statistics and information

Full TradeWinds Feature List

What Makes TradeWinds Different?

TradeWinds is is designed to save you time. There is no need to compute order totals, shipping or tax charges, while structured shipping and tax tables support customization.

TradeWinds can also provide a secure certificate and credit card processing gateways.

TradeWinds supports attractive product presentations, provides plenty of flexibility for a variety of e-commerce uses and comes with all e-commerce functionality included.