Website Management Services & System

WYMSY Supports Customers Many Ways

Intuitive Product

WYMSY Website Management System is designed to be easy to use for both professional designers and do-it-yourselfers. As well as a logical layout and design process, we provide a robust, on-line Help function. Our goal is to provide a product that is easy to use, and rich in functionality.

Help Documentation Website Embedded into Every Page

WYMSY comes with an on-line User Manual documenting every feature and every function. Organized to mirror WYMSY's architecture, every element comes with a robust 'How to' explanation. Help buttons on every screen link to the appropriate page in the User Manual, and the entire User Manual is accessible from any page as well. The User Manual is just one more example of what makes WYMSY different.

Email Your Questions

If you have edit questions, you should contact the designer who developed your site. If you are a professional designer, please use the email service provided in the on-line User Manual. We'll answer you as fast as possible.

Telephone Support

We also provide direct telephone support and stress customer relations. Afterall, our customers referrals are our best source of new business.

Want Information About Becoming a Customer?

Contact us for a demo and more information.