Website Management Services & System

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SiteMaster Expedites Design and Site Administration

SiteMaster is the site control center including all design and administration tools for creating, managing and publishing the site.

SiteMaster segregates the design and administration from content management. (See EasyEdit for content information.) Navigation bars and links are generated automatically from the page list. Multiple zones can each be designed separately. Files and graphics, site statistics, security privileges and menus are all managed from SiteMaster, giving complete control over the site in one place.

SiteMaster Can Do It All

Design the look and feel
Structure site map and pages
Publish directly to the web
Manage security and access

Full SiteMaster Feature List

What Makes SiteMaster Different?

SiteMaster is loaded with features that expedite design and ease administration. Navigation is generated from your pages so there is never a broken link! Designs automatically carry to every page. Multiple zones maximize flexibility and creativity. Built-in calendars, discussion boards, email page to a friend and e-commerce catalog, shopping cart and check out functions are included.

Sophisticated security isolates the design from content so that content managers may be given access to update content.