Website Management Services & System

Monthly Retail Pricing for WYMSY Website Management System

We provide WYMSY using the "Software as a Service" pricing model. There is no licensing fee to use WYMSY and all functionality is included in our hosted solution. All upgrades are available immediately with no software to buy or download. WYMSY comes with 10 GB/month of Bandwidth. Each increment of 5 GB/mos costs an additional $2.00 each month.

Site Type 
  Monthly Hosting Cost
Basic 5 page site
Standard (no page limit) $29.95
E-com <200 items $39.95
E-com 200-500 item $49.95
E-com 501 + items $59.95

Already have a site?

If you have an existing website that is out of date, please contact us. We can transform your site and update it, expand it or do whatever you need to get control of your site and make it work for you. All sites are designed for easy updating. As each site is custom, please contact us for a quote to refresh the site and bring it onto the WYMSY system.

Need a site from scratch?

Work with our designers and content consultants to create a site tailored to your organization and budget.

Contact us for details. Please call Jane at 781-639-1122 or email us.

Resellers: Please visit our Partners page for reseller prices