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WYMSY Website Management System revolutionizes web design with innovative features that speed design and maximize creativity. WYMSY works on any computer with a browser, and on every desktop platform including Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux.


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SiteMaster Key Benefits

SiteMaster web design tools maximize creativity. Websites are divided into seven zones: logo, header, three levels of menus, body and footer. Each zone can be designed and controlled independently using point and click options, allowing for complete design flexibility.
Custom design carries to all pages
Quickly uploads graphics
Administration tools expedite site management


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EasyEdit Key Benefits

EasyEdit content managment provides users with Word-like document features to design and create web pages easily. Users can load and edit text and graphics with a simple click of the mouse. Additionally, EasyEdit includes sophisticated security features, allowing specific access to maintain content.
Edit documents with minimal training
Free-form content provides limitless creativity and flexibility
Sophisticatd security  supports multiple editors


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TradeWinds Key Benefits

TradeWinds is an additional, integrated module for creating and updating e-commerce sites. Seamlessly integrated into WYMSY, built-in e-commerce and catalog functionality ensure your site performs well and is easy to keep current.
Catalog and shopping cart pages are pre-formatted
Check out page built-in
All transactions are fully encrypted