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16 December 2008
It's not the technology...
Lately I have gotten several requests for help updating people's websites. Usually the questions start, "How do I..." and the person asking the question thinks they are asking a technical question on how to do something using WYMSY.

Quickly, though, it becomes clear what they are really asking is "How do I structure content on a web page for greatest impact?" That, of course, is a whole conversation about web design. Here are just a couple of tips:

Keep as much key info "above the fold", that is, high on the page as possible. Many people still have their computer screens set such that they see very little of the whole page.

People don't read text on's hard on the eyes, so use headlines and keep text brief. The "read more" with a link to another page with the rest of the text is an effective way to get lots of different topics on a page and give more detail.

Look at high end websites, like the news websites for managing lots of content and the high end online catalog stores if you are selling stuff. You'll note that many e-commerce sites use little in the way of graphics other than product images.

Need more tips? Let me know your questions and please pass along your tips for others to use. Thanks!

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30 November 2008
Intellectual Property
Insuring Yours Is Protected
We send around contracts and presentations, and I recently got a tip that sending such material in a pdf format discourages people from swiping or changing the content.

On my Mac, I have to go to the Print menu to save documents as a pdf...strange but true. And, don't forget to add the word "copyright" with your company name.

Posted by jane bright at 4:10 AM in Quick Tips Page design | Link
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