Website Management Services & System

Hosting Companies: Beat Your Competition

We don't have to tell you how competitive web hosting is!

WYMSY Website Management System expands your product offerings with a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to create custom web designs. If you sell template systems, WYMSY will widen your services with the added the ability to offer custom sites that are editable by your customers.

Our objective is to provide "foolproof" web and e-commerce development capabilities requiring little or no training and tools that prevent mistakes. Work with us to help refine the product for this market.

What's in it for you

You get a product offering far superior to template design tools and competitve with do-it-yourself e-commerce packages, all elegantly integrated into one tool. We are developing business models to maximize appeal to hosting companies that work with us to refine the product and provide front line customer support. Please call 781-631-5562 for details.

Let's do business

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