Website Management Services & System

EasyEdit Benefits

No more out-of-date content! Change your site as often as your business changes. EasyEdit uses familiar word document features, loads content quickly and edits content easily saving time and encouraging frequent updating to keep your site current. WYSIWYG feature makes editing incredibly intuitive. Designers can toggle to use HTML, but no programming training is needed.

EasyEdit Key Features and Benefits

Free-form content maximizes design flexibility and easy text loading
Draft option allows work to be seen before publishing
Familiar word document tool bar icons expedite text editing WYSIWYG and HTML modes can be switched using tool bar icon
Graphics and images can be uploaded from content zone Font style, color, and size can be customized at the page level
Copy and paste aided by style stripper that removes source font, color etc.
Tables, anchors and links can be added easily using tool bar icons