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EasyEdit Does Rapid Revision and Content Update

EasyEdit is the content managment component of WYMSY. The WYSIWYG feature makes editing incredibly intuitive, and word document features and familiar tool bar require minimal training for content owners to use. Free-form content area facilitates sophisticated, professional designs.

Advanced web site designers can also toggle to HTML mode, but no programming is needed. And, because it is web based, updates can be done from most computers.

EasyEdit Can Do It All

Enter and edit text
Upload graphics and images
Create tables and forms
View the finished product before publishing

Save drafts for review prior to publishing

Full EasyEdit Feature List

What Makes EasyEdit Different?

EasyEdit's WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) feature maximizes flexibility. Designers can rapidly edit content, or delegate updates to non-technical content managers. No software purchase is necessary and WYMSY works on most popular browsers.

Sophisticated security allows multiple editors access at the page level, without giving access to the design parameters. Updating can be shared or controlled as needed.