Website Management Services & System

Designers: Love Design, Hate the Maintenance?
WYMSY is for You

We are looking for long-term relationships with web designers to leverage WYMSY's Website Management System and TradeWinds software. WYMSY's time saving features, scaleabilty and rich design capability are ideal for basic to moderately complex web sites. In addition, the EasyEdit feature allows your clients to maintain their own content without having to buy any software. Flexible security options allow you to restrict access to the design of the site, but allow editing of page content.

For the right client, it's a great selling point. For those high maintence/low profit clients, it's a huge time saver and money maker for you.

Become a WYMSY Reseller

Resell WYMSY hosting at very competitve hosting rates, take whatever markup you chose, and include all the WYMSY functionality for your customers. Our hosting rates to resellers are comparable to hosting without WYMSY website management system functionality. It's a great benefit and added value to add to your product portfolio.

Let's Do Business

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WYMSY Design Partners

As part of our services, we include a list of Designers who use WYMSY. They will work with organizations seeking professional designs and the flexibility to keep their sites fresh and current. Please contact us for assistance in identifying the best design services for your individual needs.

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