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15 January 2009
To Blog...or Not to Blog
Is blogging for you? Depends, but those who do point to increased hits on their sites because search engines love them. For most of us, this results in more business.

Many small businesses and non-profits can’t afford expensive consultants to do market research, so blogs are a great, economical way to find out what their clients and constituents are thinking. Blogs can also help you stay current with your customers and get information out very quickly using an informal style rather than having to rethink the design of a webpage. It can also give your site a personal touch, another a great asset to small businesses.

So, moving into shameless self promotion, I want to remind you that WYMSY now has a fully functioning blog package. Let us know if you are interested and we'll get you set up.

Posted by jane bright at 5:51 PM | Link
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